4 Ways to Attract Customers With Your Promotional Signs


If you have a storefront for your business, you might be interested in posting promotional signs that advertise a current sale or special you are having. These promotions can often increase business, not just for the promotion, but for repeated business in the future. However, you first need to make a sign that makes people want to stop by. Here are some tips for creating signs that attract more customers.

Explain Why the Customer Needs This Promotion

Simply stating that you have your bathing suits for a certain percentage off this weekend is not enough to make some customers stop by. You need to use wording that tells them why now is a perfect time to buy a swimsuit. For example, if it is close to spring or summer, you can use that in your wording, telling them now is the time to stock up on their summer swimwear, then explain they can get it for a discount. You have now explained the reasoning and given them a benefit to getting it now and not waiting.

Use Contrasting Colours

A common mistake made in the colors of the background, images, and text on a sign is using too many different colours of the same hue. You might use blue and green in your sign, assuming it works great since you have a surfboard shop and those are coastal colours, but how easy is it to read? Instead of choosing blue on green background, use blue or green text on white background. That way, it is easy to read and you have enough white space to contrast with the text.

Don't Go Overboard

A promotional sign should be short and sweet, explaining your promotion and the benefit without being too detailed. The more you try to add to the sign, the more difficult it becomes to read. This makes it hard for the customer to focus on the point of the promotion, so they might not even bother. If you have a florist shop that has Gerber daisies on clearance for the weekend, don't worry about filling the entire sign with multiple images of daisies and complicated text talking about what they are. The customer doesn't need all this filler. Just give them a reason to buy the daisies, tell them what the clearance is, and be done with the design.

Consider the Size of the Sign

For retail stores, you might have some people walking by and reading the sign, but many people are driving or riding on a bus or taxi. They can't always see the sign up close, so consider this when choosing the appropriate size. Bigger is typically better in terms of the size of a promotional sign, letting even people across the street read your promotion.


16 June 2016

Signs That Shine: Tips for Small Business Owners

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