Great Dummies, More Monies! 3 Mannequin Types to Help Boost the Sales and Image of Your Boutique


If you run a clothes store or boutique, you can increase your sales in various ways besides stocking quality clothes. Whether you deal with men's, women's or kids' clothes, mannequins could help draw the shoppers' attention quickly and influence the passers-by to get in your boutique, walk around, admire the clothes and eventually buy some of them. When buying clothes for your loved ones as a surprise gift, don't just 'imagine' how the clothes would fit them; use a mannequin to 'see' how they would fit. If you want to increase the sales of your boutique, here are three types of mannequins you can use:

Teens and Kids Dummies

Parents, especially the mothers, are sensitive to the clothes they buy for their children. They don't just consider the size, colour, quality and design of the kids' clothes but also how they look on them. However, some parents buy clothes for their teens and kids as a surprise gift for the holiday.

With teens and kids' dummies in your boutique, most parents would get to know the kids' clothes to buy and probably how they would look on their body. If you specialise in kids' clothes, teen and baby mannequins would attract more parents and boost your sales in a big way. If you want to use baby mannequins in your boutique, don't just choose the ones in standing positions but also those that come in sitting and crawling poses.

Expectant Mannequins

Most mothers-to-be wonder how they would look in certain tops and dresses, and that's why they don't quickly decide which ones to buy. Other expectant mothers just want to go and try the maternity clothes at home. Unfortunately, some of the maternity clothes they bought don't satisfy what they had in mind when buying them. However, a pregnant mannequin helps them to see how they would look in those maternity clothes once they wear them. 

Plus-Size Artificial Dolls

If most of your customers are plus-sized, you know how tiring and annoying their clothes-shopping experience can be. Most plus-size customers don't like fitting clothes several times in a boutique even though they still want to see how they would fit them. But if you had some plus-size dummies in your boutique, the realistic view they get would make their shopping experience more enjoyable. The accurate mental image they get from a curvy or full-figured mannequin would make them more comfortable with the plus-sized clothing items they buy.

The mannequins you choose for your boutique depend on your target customers. What your customers can see in the mannequins forms a better image of the items they buy compared to what they could just imagine. From colours, sizes, finishes, poses and shapes, mannequins can help your customers see the clothing items from every aspect, influencing them to buy more clothes and enjoy their shopping experience.


20 March 2020

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