How to Plan for Business Sign Installation


If you are replacing your old signage or installing a new one, consider consulting a professional during the project. The process of placing a new business sign is simple in theory. However, multiple critical factors are often overlooked when the work is handled by an amateur. If you make unsuitable choices, the signage might not be effective in attracting more customers. For example, a poor quality sign will indicate a lack of professionalism. Also, accidents and injuries could occur due to ineffective installation. Therefore, opt for expert guidance for the best possible signage. In addition, use the below-outlined tips to plan for the installation process.

Check the Local Laws

The placement of outdoor or storefront signs affects the general public. Therefore, some rules and regulations have been established to ensure safety and convenience for all. The applicable laws can vary depending on the specific locale. You can find out the requirements from your local council or consult your signage contractor. One of the critical factors is the size of the sign. Some restrictions might be imposed on the maximum dimensions of an outdoor unit to minimise accident risks and prevent obscuring of other features. Also, check the regulations imposed on the spot placement within the business location.

Evaluate the Space

You should check out the space where you plan to install the sign. This process is critical before acquiring a custom sign for your business. If you do not create a feature that matches the space, you will face difficulties during the installation. Therefore, consider the possible maximum signage size, given the available space. Also, evaluate and compare the potential options for placement. For example, if you have open space on your property, you can attach a storefront sign to the exterior wall. If this is not an option, you will need a freestanding sign. Determine the best spot for placement by considering factors like maximum visibility, size restrictions and effect on pedestrian traffic near your business.

Choose Your Sign

Finally, create a business sign that takes into account the legal and practical issues of installation. Choose the best type of signage to match your business image, budget and any restriction. In most cases, a traditional sign made using materials like wood, metal or plastic is favoured because of its resilience and durability. However, you must also consider the appeal of digital alternatives. Digital signs are more eye-catching, especially in crowded areas. If you are interested in this option, address the need for electrical power during installation.

For more information, contact a local sign installation company. 


30 March 2022

Signs That Shine: Tips for Small Business Owners

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