Tips When Mounting a Neon Sign


A neon sign can be a great addition to any commercial property. If you want to alert customers that you are open for business, a neon sign can be an effective way to grab attention and get an important message across to customers. No matter what type of neon sign you choose to install at a place of business, it is important that you are aware of mounting tips that are designed to ensure that your neon sign is secure at all times.


The placement of a neon sign is vital. You want to make sure that the sign is placed in a secure location, but you also want the sign to be highly visible. Mounting a neon sign to a sturdy wall is often the best option. Hanging a neon sign is not the preferred method because it leaves the sign vulnerable to falling. When you have chosen the wall of choice, you can then use a stud finder to locate the perfect spot on the wall to mount the neon sign. You will most likely need to find two studs on the wall that you can use for mounting the neon sign. Only one stud is required if the sign is small, but larger signs require two studs on each side depending on the total width of the neon sign. Once you have determined where the studs are using a stud finder, you can mark these points on the wall with a pencil.


After you have made to marks on the wall opposite one another that indicate the two studs on the wall, you can then check to see if it is level. This is something that you should do before you begin drilling. It is easy to check to ensure that the sign will be mounted level by evaluating the pencil marks. You can place the level on the wall in between the two markings and check to see how level it is. You can adjust the markings to be more level if it is required.


Most neon signs that you purchase will come equipped with brackets that you can use for mounting. You can line the brackets up against the wall making sure that the markings are centered in the holes that are present on the brackets. You can then drill the screws into the wall to keep the bracket secure. The bracket is what you can use to mount your neon sign on the wall. This is the method that is designed to be followed when a neon sign is mounted securely.

If you're thinking of getting a larger neon sign for your business, consider contacting local manufacturer to check into all your options.


12 January 2016

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