The Simple Way to Remove Fleet Decals


Fleet decals are a great way of using your vehicles to advertise your business. They are vinyl wraps that adhere to the car and make it look as if it has been painted. There may be times however when you are re-branding or just want an updated look and will want to replace the decals. Fortunately removing them is not difficult.

Use high-quality decals

Firstly, you should bear in mind that the better the quality of the vinyl, the easier it is to remove. Trying to save money by using cheap sub-standard decals can cause you problems when you come to remove them. Make sure you invest in high-quality vinyl in the first place, and you should have no problems when the time comes to replace it.

Heat the vinyl

To remove the decals, the first step is to use a heat gun to heat the vinyl. Move it around the decals so that it does not concentrate on a single spot, which could burn the vinyl. Try to cover all parts of the decal evenly. This will loosen the bond and enable you to remove it cleanly.

Peel the vinyl

When the decal has been heated enough, it should be fairly easy to peel away. The key is to start at a corner. Once you have managed to peel the corner off, you should be able to peel the whole decal away at an angle. Try to use a smooth movement to remove the decal in one go. If it seems to stick, try applying a little more heat to loosen it further.

Wash the vehicle

If you used good-quality vinyl, the whole of the decal should now have come away. It is possible that there will be some residue left on the vehicle. You can try washing this off, but you may have to use an adhesive remover. The vehicle will have to be completely clean for any replacement decals to be put on. If you used poorer quality vinyl, you may find it impossible to remove some of the vinyl. You can try to power wash the scraps away, but you may need professional help to do it properly.

The simplest way to ensure that the decals are fully removed is to use a professional service to install and remove them. They will ensure that the best quality vinyl is used and that the decals are fully removed without any damage to your vehicle.

Contact a supplier for more information on fleet decals.


5 July 2023

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