Two Misconceptions About Signage Companies


Here are two misconceptions people tend to have about signage companies.

Signage companies expect new customers to know exactly what signage designs and materials they want

Those who've never worked with signage companies before often assume that if they want to have some signs made, they must first work out exactly what they want their signs to be made of and what they want them to look like before they contact a signage company, so they can then present this information to the signmaker during their first meeting. This is not true and can deter people who, for example, have no design skills or are simply not quite sure what signs they really want.

In reality, many signage companies either have in-house graphic designers or will work with freelance graphic designers to help their clients create signs that are functional, clever and aesthetically pleasing. Even signage companies who don't specifically offer design services can still usually guide their clients to help them decide which design elements their signs need to have. These companies can, for example, show a client some samples of their previous work, including the fonts, sign materials, sign shapes and colour schemes they have used for other clients' signs in the past. The client can then use these as inspiration when ordering their own signs. As such, no one who needs signs should be hesitant to get in touch with a signage company for this reason.

Signage companies cannot help their customers with the installation of their signs

Another misconception about signage companies is that they can't help their customers with the installation of their signs. This may worry those who are thinking about ordering signs, but who don't have the tools or the knowledge to install the signage themselves. Others may be concerned about being able to physically pick up and put their very weighty, large signs on display without hurting themselves or damaging their new signs.

Fortunately, many signage companies offer installation services and can have their employees fit signs in a manner that ensures that they're stable, visible and not at risk of being damaged by any adjacent features. Even signage companies who don't have in-house sign installers will usually be able to direct their clients who require this service to local, reputable installers who can do this job for them. It should be noted, however, that companies that have sign installation specialists on their teams may provide this as a separate service, rather than including it in their sign production and delivery fee. 

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7 September 2022

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