An Overview Of 3 Popular Commercial Signage Options


When selecting signage for your business you may be surprised by just how many options there are. You'll want to opt for signage that aligns with your brand, but as you're likely to have the same signage for many years, you should also take the time to carefully consider the type of signage you choose. For start-ups in particular, signage can account for a significant chunk of the marketing budget, so don't underestimate the importance of getting it right from the start. The following three types of commercial signage are popular across a range of business sectors:

Flex Face Signage

Flex face signage is popular with businesses that require large exterior signage, such as those positioned in retail parks. It consists of a durable layer of PVC that is stretched across the signage area to create a flat finished product that is also lightweight. Being lightweight makes this a safer type of signage when a large area needs to be covered. There is minimal risk of flex face signage causing damage or injury to a third party if it falls off the building front during adverse weather conditions. Installation is quick and straightforward, and there's no need to fix hooks or rods to the wall of the building, which you may not have permission to do if you are renting your premises.

Channel Letter Signage

Channel letter signage can help your business stand out from surrounding businesses. This type of signage is characterised by the use of 3D lettering, and the lettering is fixed directly onto the external wall of your premises. The lettering can be made in any font to align with your branding and letters are typically constructed with aluminium or acrylic. Lighting can be placed within or behind the letters to further help your business stand out and ensure customers can't miss you.

Fabric Signage

Fabric signage is most commonly constructed of polyester and is a versatile signage option that gives a softer look to your business signage. Fabric signage can be made in any size and colour you like, and fade-resistant inks are used on this type of signage to give a crisp finish that looks professional and won't crack or bleed. Fabric signage is typically installed using a hook and eyelet system or a pole system that can be secured to the wall of your premises or installed vertically at your entrance in the style of a flagpole.

A local commercial signage company can help you decide on the right signage option for your business needs. Contact them to see samples of the options you're interested in and learn more about the installation requirements.


11 January 2023

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