Three Critical Considerations for Choosing Business Plaques


Custom plaques are useful tools in the commercial world, and you can utilise these in diverse applications in your business. Basically, this type of engraved product is ideal for creation of identifying signs. For instance, you can install plaques on office doors or desk to indicate occupancy rights. These business signs are also appropriate for use as commemorative instruments to remind people of significant events in your company. In simple terms, you can choose a custom plaque to display information on past significant business owners, historical events and even achievements. If you are thinking about ordering plaques from a company like for your business, consider these important aspects.

Plaque Material

There are numerous high-quality materials that are ideal for fabricating commercial plaques for your business. You should take factors such as budget, plaque size and potential application into consideration before selecting the most suitable choice. One of the advantageous choices in the modern manufacturing industry is stainless steel. The material is strong and highly durable, so the fabricated plaques will provide long-term service.

In addition, the stainless steel has chromium, so it is insusceptible to rust, corrosion and tarnishing. This means that it will perform well without constant maintenance. Bronze and brass are also relatively popular materials in the manufacture of commercial plaques because of their longevity. However, these copper alloys are more expensive than steel alternatives, which can be a limiting factor. Other less popular options to consider include ceramic, stone and even wood.

Engraving Options

The engraving design will determine the aesthetic appeal and the long-term practical functionality of the plaque. There are different techniques utilised by sign fabricators, so you should inquire about the options before engaging services. Laser engraving is the most ideal choice for contemporary business plaques. This method used amplified light radiation to create clean and permanent marks on the pertinent material surface.

Modern laser engraving machines are controlled by computer technology, so you can request for intricate custom designs, including logo graphics and photographs. Moreover, the engraving laser can be fused with pigments for coloured marks. Rotary engraving uses mechanical machines with diamond tooling to create the markings. This method is favourable because the engraving will have more authentic appeal and a beautiful profile.


Finally, you should assess and compare the different finishing options for your plaque. An ideal choice should limit maintenance requirements, increase visual impact and protect the plaque. Polishing and brushing techniques are appropriate for creating contemporary mirror and traditional satin finishes respectively. You can also request for coloured paint finishes for a unique appearance.


14 January 2016

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