Making Your Corporate Signage Winter-Ready


The way that your corporate signage looks outside your premises presents a lasting first impression of your business.  The winter weather can take its toll on your signs, leaving them looking tatty and spoiling the look of your office or workshop.  Here are some practical tips on how to keep your corporate signs looking professional right through this winter.

Illuminated signs If you have signage made from LEDs or neon, it's important that the whole sign is working correctly.  An illuminated sign with flickering bulbs or dull patches can reflect poorly on your business.  Before the nights draw in, check that everything is working correctly, and make sure that the sign is properly sealed so that water can't get in and damage the connections or bulbs.  You also need to check that sensors are working properly so that exterior lighting comes on as the light fades.

It's a good idea to have your illuminated signs serviced annually by a professional contractor who will be equipped to replace dud LEDs or top-up neon tubes as required.  

Banners and other street signs The primary issue with banners and street signs is that they are vulnerable to damage from high winds.  Check that all exterior signs of this design are properly secured so they remain stable in the windiest of conditions.  Remember to top-up the sand-filled bases of swing signs so that they don't tip over.  If you use banners, secure them firmly with cable ties or bungee cords, and consider taking them down altogether if extremely strong winds are forecast.  Large wooden boards or panel signs can easily be wrecked in high winds.  You can reduce the risk of damage by cross-bracing the frame or adding an extra central post to increase stability. Remember that you could be held liable if one of your signs breaks free and injures someone or damages property.

Cleaning up

Regardless of whether your signs are illuminated or not, you must have them cleaned regularly.  In the reduced light of winter, your signs will not be as clearly visible if they are plastered in grime, and a layer of muck can really reduce the impact of illuminated signs.

Usually, a thorough wash down with soapy water and a scrubbing brush will perk up all types of signs.  You can help to protect your signs from the elements by applying a layer of baby oil, which will help to keep water out and will keep illuminated signs looking brighter for longer.

In conclusion

The winter months can play havoc with your corporate signage.  Follow the tips given above to prepare your signs for the coming rough weather.


27 September 2016

Signs That Shine: Tips for Small Business Owners

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