Advertise Your Business with Shop Front Signs


We encounter a lot of information in our daily lives. Everywhere we go, we see people, signs and objects. It can therefore be challenging for your business to stand out from this jungle of information without a shop front sign. Shop front signs are therefore an essential component of your advertising strategy.

An appealing sign can draw customer attention and attract visitors into your store. Depending on where your business is located, a well-customized sign can become an advertising powerhouse, increasing awareness for your business.  

Types of shop front signs 

Illuminated signage 

Illuminated signs are among the most popularly used in shop front signs. They are designed to be large, unique, and to stand out in busy areas. They work day and night to drive your business's visibility wherever it is located.

Illuminated signs use LED technology to increase the flexibility of shop front signs. Now you can incorporate your logo, text, and various shapes into the design. 

Large banners  

Banners are flexible and convenient signs that can be used to improve the visibility of your store. Banners can be placed in many different locations, and they allow you to create bigger, more visible signs. You can also use banners to promote temporary offers such as discounts, new product launches, and increased business hours.  

3D Signage 

3D signs are the ultimate display of class, professionalism, and industry leadership. You can proudly display your business name at the front of your store with a flashy 3D sign. When combined with the proper lighting, a 3D sign can be viewed from a distance and attract customers to your store. 

Metal Panel Signs   

Although a popular option for stores located along busy highways, metal signs can also be used in front of regular stores. They are long lasting shop front signs, and once you install one you don't need to worry about constant maintenance costs.                               

Why shop front signs are important 

They attract new customers 

With a noticeable sign right in front of your store, you can attract new customers to your business. People may be walking by and become curious about what your store has to offer, simply because it has an attractive sign.

They Promote your brand 

Shop front signs speak to your brand and what it has to offer. Give your business a strong identity with an attractive sign that makes your brand stand out. 

Gain Customer loyalty 

Customers love a place where they're comfortable. Your store can promote an attractive environment where customers enjoy spending their time. This can lead to increased sales as well. 


25 September 2017

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