5 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Laser Engraving in Your Branding Business


There are many ways to create brand marks in you branding business, be it hand calligraphy, digital printing or stamping. Laser engraving is an effective branding technique that carries with it numerous advantages. Advantages that may be profitable to your branding business. These benefits include:

1. Permanence

Laser engraving is a permanent procedure that is immune to defects such as fading and running. Marks made by ink, such as printing or hand writing, can sometimes blot out or run because of spills or exposure to moisture. Stamps on the other hand have the potential to fade away thanks to constant friction and time. Laser engraving allows the brand marks to stay intact for as long as the material is in the right shape. Whether it is immersed in water or rubbed on a hard surface, the mark made through laser engraving cannot be taken off.

2. Flexibility

Printers can only work on paper-based materials. Marker pens may not stick to some surfaces. Laser engraving however has the flexibility of working on all surfaces including paper, metal, wood and plastic. This is beneficial for you because it will save you a lot of money and time used to find alternative branding techniques.

3. Time saving

Laser engraving is a very fast and efficient branding technique. It makes the marks immediately, and within a few minutes the work is done. You do not have to have breaks, nor do you have to wait for the marked item to dry before you can seal and send it to your clients. Laser engraving saves you a lot of time which means more work can be done; therefore, more income can be generated.

4. Clean process and results

With the correct skills, laser engraving gives out clean results in comparison to ink or paint marking. Ink may smudge over the paper or surface being marked, creating an unsightly look. Ink marking can also be messy where you make a mistake and you have to rub it off and start over again. The process itself is not as messy as ink or paint would be. With laser engraving the results are accurate and on point, without spills and smudges.

5. No wear

Laser engraving has absolutely no wear effects on the material being marked. It does not compromise the strength and quality of the surfaces and only makes an almost invisible change around the marked areas.


30 July 2018

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