5 Tips for Making Your Event Hire Advertising Stand Out


Designing effective event hire advertising is a difficult task, as in many cases you are competing against numerous other businesses who are also offering the same services. However, there are steps that you can take to help your advertising stand out from the crowd, so that your company can be seen as the first place that businesses and individuals use to set up and service their events.

Understand Your Audience 

Before you can create effective advertising for your event hire services, you need to understand the audience that you are marketing to. Forbes notes that three key questions should be asked:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What are their most urgent and pressing concerns?
  • What factors are they focused on in terms of making a buying decision?

By doing this, you can determine an advertising strategy that will reach them in the most effective way. When designing your advertising, keeping your customers at the front of your mind is the first key step in making your business stand out. Consider who usually uses your event hire service: is it small businesses, large companies or individuals? Each of these groups should be targeted in different ways.


Next, make sure to keep your advertising simple. Include your company logo, but keep other graphics minimal or they can distract too much from your message. A cluttered ad will only confuse customers. Use simple, easy-to-read typography so that customers can understand exactly what services you offer, and make sure that you don't have too many words on each line of text. Avoid using italics on large signs, as they can make the text more difficult to read from a distance. If you specialise in a particular offering, such as catering equipment or furniture hire, make sure that those things are highlighted on your advertising, and focus on what makes you unique.

Colour and Size

Then, consider the colours and contrast that you are using. Be sure to use complementary, bold colours that are easily readable, and tie any advertising colour schemes into the brand for your business. For example, if your event hire business uses orange and blue colour schemes, use the same colours on your advertising. If you don't have a particular colour scheme, black and white, blue and white and green and white are all solid choices for contrasting colours that will still allow your customers to read your ads.


Finally, make sure that you are tracking the customer response to your advertising. When a customer hires you to set up an event for them, ask them how they found out about your business. If nobody is seeing your advertising, consider how you can change it to draw in more customers. Perhaps you need to change the placement of your signs, distribute flyers in cafes or in letterboxes or run a word-of-mouth campaign.

Always remember to consider your target audience first by taking steps to understand your brand and the people who hire you to set up their events. By doing this, your advertising will be more targeted and as a result more effective. No matter what design you end up with, your advertising should be simple and clear, with good use of colours that link to your business branding. Once your advertising campaign is out in the world, get feedback from your customers about whether it is a success.

For more information about or assistance with making attractive signs for your business, contact event hire businesses that also specialize in making signs.


7 February 2019

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