Top Benefits of Wood Braille Signs


Braille signs are mandatory for commercial facilities since they help customers with sight issues to find their way around the premises. Notably, different materials are used to make custom braille signs, and they range from acrylic and glass to wood and plastic. Each of these materials has its advantages when used for braille signage purposes. This article explores the benefits of using wood braille tactile signs in a commercial facility.

Highly Hygienic 

When ordering braille signs for your facility, it is crucial to understand that tens of customers will touch the signage on any given day. However, this exposes customers to germs, and it is your responsibility to prevent that from happening. Unlike other materials such as metal and plastic, wood braille signs are highly hygienic. It can be attributed to the finishing that prevents bacteria from hiding within wood grains. Your objective is to protect braille signage from harbouring dangerous germs and bacteria that can be transferred easily from one customer to the other.

Visually Appealing 

Fundamentally, braille signs are designed to help persons with sight problems. However, it would be naïve to consider one set of customers when ordering braille signs for a facility. Customers with normal eyesight will not appreciate it if you installed braille signs that are an eyesore and do not match the interior décor. Luckily, wood braille signs do not struggle in this department. You can choose from different wood grain patterns and easily blend braille signs with the surrounding. The best part is that you do not have to worry about braille dots becoming invisible under wood grains because the intended audience only needs to feel them. Additionally, you can choose various wood species for different locations, depending on how braille signage looks under different light conditions.

Ease of Installation 

Braille signs can be hung on walls and doors using different methods, including double-sided tapes, screws, nails or hooks. However, some materials can only work for certain braille signs. For instance, metallic braille signs are relatively heavy and might not stay in place for a long time if you use double-sided tape. You need to use screws to ensure metallic braille signs stay put. However, it can be a problem if you do not want to disturb the walls in your facility. On the other hand, wood braille signs are light and can be hung using double-sided tape with relative ease. It makes installation a breeze and less time-consuming.


30 September 2020

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