Three Central Precautions for Replacing Your Old Business Signage


If your business signage is old and worn out, you should plan for replacement. Damaged and outdated signs will affect your company image, causing significant losses. In simple terms, customers might assume that the enterprise is poorly managed and avoid it. Therefore, if you have noticed signs of fading, dullness and general deterioration, think about the placement of a new sign. Here are essential precautions to keep in mind for successful sign replacement.

Remove Old Signs

The cost of signs can be a little high, so it is not uncommon for business owners to try to re-use old materials. In some cases, the new signage will be placed over the old item. Avoid this practice because it will compromise the appeal of the signage. The feature will look messy and poorly planned, leading to decreased visual value. Also, the lack of clean installation will increase the risk of the new sign falling off or otherwise sustaining damage prematurely. Keep in mind that you can re-use the substrate if your old sign was resilient and permanent. However, the old structure must be prepared with care to ensure proper adhesion and set-up of the new signage.

Assess Past Mistakes

If your old business signs deteriorated before the anticipated time, you should evaluate the past mistakes. This consideration will help you avoid the same problems when designing and creating a new item. If your sign faded or became dull fast, think about the steps you can take to limit the damage. For example, harsh ultraviolet radiation causes colour bleaching. You can explore UV-resistant products or look into options for shading. Also, evaluate your material choices and the environment. For instance, if you are in a place that promotes steel rusting or wood rotting, look into plastics. These materials are not as durable, but they can withstand harsh conditions.  

Design With Care

Business owners often attempt to reduce their production costs by designing their signs without professional help. Unfortunately, this choice is, more often than not, harmful to the enterprise. Amateur signs fail to communicate messages clearly and appear tacky to consumers. As a result, the company looks unprofessional and unreliable. Therefore, if you do not have a design background, consult an expert for your sign design needs. A specialist will ensure effective communication and brand visibility through concise phrasing, correct image use and ideal use of colour and contrast. Moreover, consult your signage expert on critical installation aspects such as optimal placement and illumination of the new unit. Contact a sign supplier to learn more. 


11 November 2021

Signs That Shine: Tips for Small Business Owners

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